Sailhouse is committed to building the best platform for building event-driven applications, and with that a focus on DX drives the core features being built out this year.

This is just the start of our plans, and we’ve got loads more to share, but here’s a sneak peak at some of the things to come.

🔍 Improved Observability

Good observability is vital to any platform, and we’re committed to building up tooling to give you the powers to dig into the nastiest of problems.

Some area’s we’re focusing on

📝 Schemas

Schemas are a core part of the vision of Sailhouse, the programmatic control and flexibility they can offer is fantastic when executed well, and we’re doubling down on the concept

⏰ Scheduled Events

Creating jobs for arbitrary dates in the future is a problem every application tackles at some point in it’s lifecycle. We want to make this super easy and flexible.

⏲️ Cron Jobs

Scheduled logic powers every application on the planet, from syncing data to sending reports. Sailhouse will allow you to define jobs using the familiar cron syntax, so you can focus on getting things done.

🔌 Integrations V2